You Get What You Pay For

Buying the cheapest product available is a poor choice in most given situations. Don’t get me wrong, everyone likes a bargain including me. But if we all just made our buying decisions based on price we’d be buying some pretty shoddy goods. The prospect of living in a cheap prefabricated house, going to work in a Reliant Robin car wearing a Primark suit and a plastic watch from Poundland, drinking Tea made with Tesco Value teabags, eating lentils and rice every mealtime………………not a very enticing lifestyle is it?

In actual fact when you think about it very few people choose this lifestyle. Most of us aspire to buy expensive goods of a higher quality when we can possibly afford it. Most of us would choose a BMW over a Vauxhall Corsa or stay at the Ritz rather than at a Travelodge if our budget could possibly stretch that far.

So now that we’ve cleared that one up…………….WHY ON EARTH  do some homeowners phone round all of the Estate Agents prior to going on sale and ask what fees will be charged with the sole intention of choosing the cheapest one to sell their most valuable asset?? Are they completely mad? An Estate Agent provides a personalised, professional service and the standard of that service can vary dramatically from one agent to the next. The better the service provided, the higher the price one can expect to achieve for one’s property and in the shortest time-frame.

So if you like your BMW’s then why not give us a ring today. If on the other hand you do all your shopping at Poundland then please save yourself the money on the phone call.

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George is Managing Director at Elizabeth Davenport Estate Agents. He enjoys writing this weekly blog and hopes that you enjoy reading it!!

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