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Why Over Inflated House Pricing Sells Your Neighbours House and Not Yours!

Big Shot Estate Agents

Welcome back! That was as long a Summer as I’ve enjoyed without Sun as far as I can even remember!

Business however was brighter. There was none of the traditional slow down over the months of July and August whatsoever. Instruction levels were high and the interest accordingly. The buyers we needed to attract had obviously decided to not take gloriously long overseas holidays and instead concentrate on securing new home’s for themselves!

Such a successful Summer led me to review the market in general and a couple of valuations I was involved with.

Now, more than ever, the asking price for a home is so crucial that an overvaluation will have such negative effect it will simply show buyers what good value neighbouring homes are instead of your own. I am not saying undervaluing is the solution but, put simply, it bears no risk in comparison to its capitalist and heinous cousin, the greedy valuation.

If a house is truly “undervalued” whether purposefully or accidentally then the worst that will happen is the public will agree it’s exceptional value and numerous offers will then be received. Through negotiation the price then reaches the correct (and increased value!). Although as a buyer this can be an unpleasant experience, a good agent, if they handle it correctly and honestly, will offer advice and build relationships that will help those unlucky first time round (or third if you are like myself!) that will come good in the end.

I looked at the Purple Bricks very carefully. I saw more local instructions with Purple Bricks than any other agent. With false promises (semantics if you will) of no commission (fee’s instead) and a NO SALE BUT STILL PAY OUR FEE philosophy, there is no surprise to see that their “Price Reductions” are also the highest in the local area.

Without being too simplistic about it, the easiest way to achieve an instruction is to tell a client that there property is worth more than it is. Add that to “pay me whether it sells or not” and you have an agent whose ethos is for “being paid for instructions to sell houses for less than the listed price”. If you want annual statistics to prove this point in Black and White (not Purple) then contact me and I’ll be happy to explain that all that glitters isn’t Gold (but it is possibly Purple!).

An emergency generator is an ideal item to add to your emergency and weather preparedness checklist. In the event of a natural disaster like a hurricane, tropical storm or blizzard; wind damage plus power outages can completely devastate your property and even your life. This is why having an Emergency generator in Baton Rouge is so important nowadays.

Generac Power Systems - Backup Power for Your Home with Generac Home Generators

Your family and loved ones will be safe and warm inside of your home but unprepared without the power needed for basic conveniences. A reliable and dependable back-up power source with a well thought-out backup plan provides peace of mind in the event of an unplanned power outage from hurricanes to snowstorms. Many homeowners choose to install an emergency (or standby) fuel powered portable generators to back up their home’s electrical power when there is a threat of severe weather or other threats to the electrical grid where they reside. Electricians like MZ Electric in Littleton, CO can help with installation. While making your home safe and prepared for any emergency, you can also opt for a Residential Electrical Panel Upgrade.

To be most effective a selected home back -up unit must run for an extended length of time in a continuous process without a break so that critical electrical home appliances may be used as they are normally operated for lengthy periods of time with little effort to maintain them for maximum uninterrupted operation while most large appliances are running at the same time during a severe storm for example: washer/dryer set, freezer chest refrigerator and others as needed at the operator’s discretion to compensate for the power failure for as long as possible until a normal power supply is restored to your home by utility companies for their specific area where you live.

Emergency gas-powered a portable electric heaters are designed to provide a reliable supply of heat during extended periods of low temperatures to keep your entire property comfortable so you can remain indoors rather than have to stay outdoors through extreme cold weather events that may be life threatening and dangerous such as dangerous wind chill conditions from a winter storm approaching your area as well.

Plumbing for Homeowners

It is important that you schedule drain cleaning routinely with a company like this one that offers drain cleaning in Mill Creek, WA in order to minimize future problems and damage to your home. Continuous use of clogged drains can cause problems with your plumbing or septic tank, such as: sewage backups into your home; leaks that contaminate _(and destroy) both your home and yard/landscaping materials placed over damaged pipes._ If waste water passes out of a pipe outside your property’s foundation it can damage grass and/or landscaping when it spills from the pipe onto the ground below the foundation due to high velocity flow into a low-pressure area at the top of the ground..

Septic systems are not designed to handle large quantities of water and should only be used as an emergency backup to your main sewer line for your home emergency overflow use as discussed in the section on “Backups” above.” Even with proper pumping by a septic company bacteria can still build up in the system causing a backup situation eventually necessitating a complete new septic system installation sometimes involving excavating your yard and regrading as outlined in the previous paragraph regarding settling of land causes additional damage to landscape around the home requiring further extensive repairs to repair the damage and leveling of terrain for the protection and repair of both home and property…. Wet basements have many common causes and can require many solution approaches depending on the causes of the basement water logging.

The most often encountered cause for wet basements are leaking windows that need to be repaired by an experienced window contractor…these issues are addressed in Chapter Six of this book along with other sections that cover solutions for tree roots penetrating into sewer pipes and concrete foundations permitting water damage to the interior of the property and the damaging effects of an improperly graded soil on the property creating drainage problems that cause flooding of your home and subsequent damage to the home interior and exterior especially if the interior of the home is carpeted and other flooring materials are installed in a home that had a previous water leak problem that resulted in significant wood rot to floors within the house!

A thorough evaluation of the plumbing system in the home and its maintenance history is important in determining a course of action once the source of the leak has been located so you can avoid expensive surprises in the future that the groundwater in your home may not be able to handle anymore as a result of previous poor maintenance of all aspects of the wastewater system surrounding this residence common areas of concern include but are not limited to the following items which may be related to your basement waterproofing project at this time or another time you may have to deal with these problems with or without a contractor that is skilled at all forms of property damage repair including but not limited to a wet leaky environment also covering mould remediation as well as other types of indoor pollutants including dust mites!! It is essential that you identify the cause of the moisture in the basement before continuing on with the actual fixing of the problem based on the identified cause.