How South Coventry Benefits From Kenilworth & Vice Versa

IMG_1952Sometimes, reactions surprise you. Our new Office in Kenilworth has been really well received and comments from one customer in particular were fascinating. ¬†“This is great, my children can’t afford to buy in Kenilworth so I’ll send them your way!”. This was unexpected to say the least. I hadn’t even thought of that market at all. Residents of Kenilworth have children and children (and I’m talking 21 – 40 years old here!) can’t often afford to buy in Kenilworth. That’s why we advertise many South Coventry properties in the Kenilworth branch. It works and people are so interested, it’s almost as if they wouldn’t visit us if we were just a Coventry agent. On the flip side of this we have current sellers in Coventry looking to move to Kenilworth to downsize and also families within Kenilworth moving to Finham and Earlsdon. This is a fascinating market in itself because quite honestly the prices in Earlsdon and Kenilworth are surprisingly similar. A three to four bedroom period terrace in both towns are often comparable. The advantages of one over the other though are completely subjective. The schooling in Finham, ¬†Stivichall and Kenilworth is outstanding whilst the infrastructure with the A46 and A45 being so close allows easy access to the motorway networks. What’s for sure is that homeowners with property in Kenilworth, Finham, Stivichall, Earlsdon, Burton Green, Gibbet Hill and Westwood Heath could not find greater coverage for marketing their home than Elizabeth Davenport.

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