Add Further value to your Property!

Are you wondering what the easiest ways to add value to your home are? Perhaps you’ve thought about extending or adding a further bedroom? Or maybe refitting the Kitchen, Bathroom or Ensuite?

But with most of us on limited budgets, it’s often not possible or practical to do all of these things, so faced with a choice, how is it best to prioritise if maximising the value of the property is the ultimate goal?iStock_000002696243XSmall

Working with the space that already exists can often present excellent opportunities. Extensions if planned and budgeted carefully CAN work well but also present great opportunity to overspend, especially if the project encounters unexpected problems such as planning rebuffs or delays in the work which can quickly cause costs to spiral.

Here are some great ways to add value in an effective way and on a limited budget:

Loft Conversion – A great example of utilising existing space is a loft conversion. Usually you won’t need planning permission (though building regulation approval WILL be required) and the cost will most likely be considerably less than a 2 storey extension.

Knocking through an existing Kitchen & Dining Room – This is a relatively easy and cost effective way to add value. If your Kitchen and Dining Room are adjacent and can be knocked through creating a modern and desirable Kitchen/Diner this will be a great way to add value.

Refitting an old Kitchen – A stylish Kitchen is often a huge selling point for any property, so a refit can be very cost effective. The trick here is not to overspend, the choice of units and appliances will be critical.

Converting an existing outhouse or garage – this can work very well especially if the outhouse is attached to the property and can be accessed directly from the house.

Redecoration – A simple and obvious way to maximise value. Keep the decor light and bright, no garish or frightening colours. Light colours will also help to bounce natural light through the property, a big plus when you come to sell.

If you would like further ideas or advice on how to maximise your sale price then call us on 01789 549 549 and we’ll be happy to come and visit your property to discuss in more detail.

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