Simple Sells & So It Should

Spring is here! A fresh new start.

I was asked by a developer very recently how many applicants I had on my database. The two of us got on. We got on well enough for me to ask if he had an “application form” for anyone wishing to buy one of his houses and if he did, could certain people’s applications be rejected.

He asked me what I would call an “applicant list” instead? “Customers” I replied. He remarked that ” He hadn’t thought of that before”.

Keeping business simple and understanding what you’re being asked to do and knowing why you do it must surely be the foundation of whatever industry you work in.

Our industry is full of peculiar language that simply doesn’t need to exist.

The person selling a house is called a “Vendor”. Why? Do you really “Vend” a house? No, you sell a house. Surely the person selling the house is a “seller”?  Then, if you want to buy a house, are you an “applicant”.  Sorry, do you “apply” if you want to buy a house? Is it a job or a gym membership?  If a house is for sale does the process of buying it require an application to do so? If you buy a “Bentley” or a “SunSeeker” I think you’ll find the dealership will refer to you as a “customer” not an “applicant”.

I think sometimes business creates a world of semantics just to make itself seem more important than it is. I think it creates it’s world to simply distance itself from the truth of how simple business should be.

If you make yourself sound complicated you justify your role.

Well, I think we all need a “holistic and cradle to grave approach that loops back to our initial dialogue”. Mark, stop it man you’ve sold out!

“Let’s just keep it simple”.

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